O.S. Max LA 46 Two Stroke Glow Engine for RC Aircraft


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THE MAX-40LA, 46LA and 65LA have been developed to meet the requirements of beginners and sport flyers.
Of modern design and having a separate needle-valve unit mounted at the rear, where manual adjustment is
safely remote from the rotating propeller, they offer the advantages of reliability and easy handling, at lower
cost. Like all O.S. engines they are built to standards of engineering excellence that have evolved through more
than 60 years’ experience in the design and production of model internal-combustion engines. Advanced
modern precision machinery, top quality materials and the efforts of highly skilled craftsmen and technicians
are combined to ensure a continuation of the levels of performance, durability and reliability for which O.S. is
world famous.

The MAX-46LA has a larger cylinder diameter, but both the 40LA and 46LA engines have the same external

Displacement 7.64 cc (0.467cu.in.)
Bore 23.0 mm (0.906in.)
Stroke 18.4 mm (0.724in.)
Practical R.P.M. 2,000-16,000 r.p.m.
Power output 1.2 ps / 1.22 hp /
Weight 272g (9.6oz.)


40D carburetor
#8 Glow plug
E-3030S Muffler

Made in Japan


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