Filming & Aerial photography

  • Live Events
  • Aerial Commercial Filming Production Equipment

We provide professional filming, photography services for commercial and personal use using state of the art aerial photography platforms. Creating your vision is our objective.

Use of professional gear including DJI, Sony, RED with experienced pilots has given us the edge in the industry.

Aerial Inspections & surveys

  • Real Estate Surveys
  • Mining Projects – accessing inaccessible areas
  • Civil Engineering Projects – inspection of bridges, tunnels, and underground services
  • Industrial Inspections – inspection of piping, boilers, silos, tanks, and pressure vessels.

We offer a state of the art access solution, eliminating the need for expensive and often timely scaffolding to be erected for building or commercial surveys, and eliminates the initial risk of working at height.

Images can be viewed live by surveyors and our pilots can be directed to any problem areas you may have.

Drone support

We are dedicated to assist individuals and organisations with the successful implementation of drone technologies in the chosen field. We are experienced in recreational and professional drones using latest technologies.

Pilot school - Be a Drone pilot

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you’re going to need a training provider that offers training to fly professionally and responsibly. We offer result oriented pilot training for recreational & commercial drone deployment.